Broadcast Prime

Broadcast Prime is a comprehensive program that trains students in all aspects of channel packaging and makes them a job-ready. The program focuses on the design aspect of digital communication for films, TV and the digital media industry.

Broadcast Prime comprehensively trains students in a duration of two terms:

Term 1

  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • Typography Design
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Concepts of Cinematography & Photography 
  • Concepts of 2D Digital Animation
  • Art of Storytelling & Script Writing
  • Anatomy Study
  • Character Design
  • Digital Painting
  • Audio – Video Editing
  • Storyboarding and Animatics
  • Application of 2D Animation Principles
  • Design Portfolio

Term 2

  • 3D Basics – Modeling to Animation
  • Motion Graphics in 3Ds Max
  • Rendering with 3ds max Vray
  • Broadcast Design using Cinema 4D
  • Visual Effects and Compositing
  • Advanced Post Production
  • Techniques
  • Broadcast Media
  • Broadcast Design Portfolio

Job Profiles

Broadcast Designer | 3D Motion Graphics Artist | Compositor | Videographer CG Modeler | Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Storyboard Artist | Video Editor


Adobe Illustrator CC | Inkscape | Adobe Photoshop Extended CC | Pixlr Adobe Audition CC | Audacity | Adobe Premier Pro CC | VSDC Video Editor OpenShot | Adobe Animate CC | 3ds Max 2018 | Blender | 3ds Max 2018 with V-Ray Cinema 4D | CINEBENCH | Adobe After Effects Professional CC | Natron VSDC Video Editor | Web, Television, Radio, Mobile, You tube and Social Media


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